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Team Discover Magnetics News

On March 7th '09 our team attended the CIRC Bot Brawl and came home with first place trophy for Combat Antweights.
Team Discover Magnetics attended the Mecha-Mayhem 2008 Combat Robot event at Rosemont, IL on October 18th & 19th 2008 and returned with three awards. DM-M took first place in Beetle Weights, DM-V took second place in Ant Weights, and DM-D took third place in Ant Weights.
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Team Philosophy

1. Build tough competitive combat robots.

2. Compete at events and totally annihilate all other robots.

3. Promote the sport of combat robots.

4. Help others to get into the sport of combat robots.

5. Last but the most important is to have fun.


Accuracy Statement

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