Design Philosophy For DM-1

DM-1 Hobbyweight Combat Robot

This all began after watching many years of combat robot battles on the cable TV channels. When the Battlebots program was dropped I experienced bot battle withdraw symptoms. Then Tech TV picked up the Robot Wars program from the UK, I was again able to receive my bot battle fix and it was on 5 nights a week.

I was hooked on the sport and now I had to build a bot of my own. I wanted to build a big bad mean 300+ pound full body spinner, my dream bot. It would be able to chew up any other bot in its path, no problem just build it! I can build it! I have the Mig welder, steel tubing, go-cart wheels, large truck wheel rims, motor cycle parts, chain, sprockets, double headed ax, old chain saw, toy car remote control transmitter and all the other electrical junk it takes, right?

Then reality number one struck: So I build this viscous 300+ pound super heavy weight killer bot of my dreams, then WHERE do I go to fight the completion? The Friday Night Fight in the bay area? Not a very realistic place because I live in Belton, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, you know like in the center of the United States, FOC, many miles from the left or east coast. What to do? Look for a closer venue. Yes, I found it right in my own back yard. The Mid US Robotics Club, MURC, was holding an event in Denver, not too bad of a drive. Hold the phone! What is this! I can not enter my dream bot the 300+ pound spinning bot killing machine in this event. They say only 1, 3 and 12 pound bots can enter. You say a 1 pound bot? No way, what can you build that weighs only the same as four sticks of butter? You say a 3 pound bot? My home made bot electronics in it's protective steel box weighs more than that. Last choice a 12 pound bot.......well back to the drawing board. My dream bot needed a drastic weight reduction program and fast with the meet only days away. Ok a 12 pound bot it is. But I had no 12 pound bot size parts. OK order parts fast....Fed-Ex over night costs how much.......Sorry This Part Is Out Of Stock.....This Part Is On Back Order.....machine shop time is how much per hour....time was running out fast before the meet.

Reality number two struck: Building a 12 pound bot takes time and it takes cash funds, you know $$$. No way was I going to get this bot built in time for the meet. So what to do? Plan ahead for the next meet. Visit bot web sites and find the most successful bot designs. Incorporate the best design techniques and concepts into an original design. Read books on building combat robots. Build a bot with a less complex design. Take the advice of many others, build a basic BMW bot first. Spend time testing and practice driving the bot against a moving target. Get a sponsor to solve the funding problems. My company Professional Technical Services was doing web design work for Discover Magnetics. Why not ask if they would be willing to sponsor my bot building expense? Full sponsorship comes with a price. Thus you have the team name; Team Discover Magnetics, the bot name; DM-1 and the advertising.

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