DM-1 Hobbyweight Combat Robot

Videos from the battles of DM-1 at the GPRS '03 Hobbyweight Round Robin. The video clips are in Windows Media Player format. The clips of the full 3 minute matches are around 760K. If you have problems viewing the video clips, copy and paste the URL into your viewer. The file links are listed below.

The first clip is of DM-1 Vs P-O'd Gerbil, DM-1 is the winner. A servo fell out of P-O'd Gerbil when he flipped himself upright after DM-1 turned over the Gerbil. PLAY CLIP ONE

The second clip is of DM-1 Vs Chigger, the winner is Chigger, after only around 20 seconds. On the first hit from Chigger the disconnect link fell out of DM-1. PLAY CLIP TWO

The third clip is of DM-1 Vs Replicant Reloaded, the winner is Replicant Reloaded. PLAY CLIP THREE

The forth clip is of DM-1 Vs P.B.S.R., the winner is DM-1. PLAY CLIP FOUR

The fifth clip is of DM-1 Vs Replicant Reloaded, DM-1 is the winner. This was match one of the play off for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. PLAY CLIP FIVE

The fifth clip is of DM-1 Vs Chigger, DM-1 is the winner. This was the second and final match for 2nd and 3rd place. The spinning weapon on Chigger stopped working about 1 minute before the match ended. PLAY CLIP SIX


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