GPRS '03 2nd place Hobbyweight GPRS '03 2nd place Hobbyweight

DM-1 took second place at the Texas Cup event at Carrollton Texas on September 9th 2006 in the Hobbyweight class. With Dustin Watkins driving.

DM-1 took first place at the Kansas City Robot Stampede, January '04 in the Hobbyweight class. With Dustin Watkins driving DM-1 was able to fight off the horde of 3 cluster bots. This was the first event to be hosted  by the Kansas City Combat Robotics Group. 

DM-1 took second place in the GPRS July '03 Hobbyweight class. With 5 wins and 2 losses. This was the first competition for DM-1. Also it was the first experience at combat for the driver Dustin Watkins.

In the first round DM-1 Vs P-O'd Gerbil, DM-1 was the winner. A servo fell out of P-O'd Gerbil when he flipped himself upright after DM-1 turned over the Gerbil. 

In the second round DM-1 Vs Chigger, the winner was Chigger, after only around 20 seconds. On the first hit from Chigger the disconnect link fell out of DM-1.

In the third round DM-1 Vs Replicant Reloaded, the winner was Replicant Reloaded.

In the forth round DM-1 Vs P.B.S.R., the winner was DM-1.

In the fifth round DM-1 Vs Eye of the Tiger, DM-1 was the winner by default. Eye of the Tiger was unable to continue in the competition because of damage from Chigger in round one.

In the sixth round DM-1 Vs Replicant Reloaded, DM-1 was the winner. This was match one of the play off for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

In the seventh round DM-1 Vs Chigger, DM-1 was the winner. This was the second and final match for 2nd and 3rd place. The spinning weapon on Chigger stopped working about 1 minute before the match ended. 

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