DM-S is our second beetleweight combat robot. It was built to compete at the Ant Rebellion 9 event in Carrollton Texas, November 27th, '04. DM-S took first place in this event in the beetle weight division. DM-S is a truncated pyramid design with a Titanium blade lifter-wedge. It is made of a Carbon Fiber frame with Titanium armor and employs a traction enhancement system. 

 Dustin with two gold and one silver awards at Ant Rebellion 9 on November 27th, '04.

Team Discover Magnetics went mining for gold in Texas and found it when the team received two gold awards at the Ant Rebellion 9 event, November 27th, '04. Photo on right is of Dustin Watkins, Team Discover Magnetic's driver, along with prize winning robots. Combat Robot DM-S Beetle weight, located center, received the gold award along with US Ant weight Robot DM-T, located on right. UK Ant weight Robot DM-150, located on left of photo, received the silver award. 

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