DM-V is a truncated pyramid design with a Tool Steel vertical blade spinning weapon. It is Team Discover Magnetic's second pyramid designed combat robot. DM-V is made of a Carbon Fiber frame with Titanium armor and employs a belt drive weapon system. This  four wheel drive bot uses a system of chains and sprockets to transfer power from two gear motors.  DM-V first saw combat at the Robot Rebellion 5.2 event in Carrollton Texas, May 2005.

Award for first place antweight class Robotic Revolution - New Orleans July 2-3 2005.

DM-V with Dustin Watkins driving took first place in the Antweight class at the Robotic Revolution - New Orleans July 2-3 2005, with a record of four wins and no losses.

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DM-V fought at The Texas Cup event Carrollton Texas on September 9, 2006 in the same configuration as it did at the Robotic Revolution in 2005. It won the first match, lost the second match and forfeited the next match because of a defective speed controller.

Award for second and third place antweight class - Chicago, 2008.

Team Discover Magnetics attended the Mecha-Mayhem 2008 Combat Robot event at Rosemont, IL on October 18th & 19th 2008. With Dustin Watkins at the controls DM-V took Second place in Ant Weights. DM-V had a record of four wins and two losses in the event. Because of extensive damage taken during the event DM-V will undergo major renovation and upgrades before it's next combat event.
Left: Photo of Dustin Watkins with Second and Third place trophies at the Mecha-Mayhem event.

With bot driver Shawn Kelly at the controls DM-V took third place in Combat Ant Weights during the Central Illinois Bot Brawl 2009 event at Peoria, Illinois on March 7th, 2009.




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