Mecha-Mayhem 2008

Trophies Mecha Mayhem 2008

Team Discover Magnetics went to the Mecha-Mayhem 2008 event at Rosemont, IL on October 18th and 19th, 2008 and returned with three very nice trophies. DM-M took first place in Beetle Weights, DM-V took second place in Ant Weights, DM-D took third place in Ant Weights.
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With first time bot driver Shawn Kelly at the controls DM-M not only took first place in Beetle Weights but also won the rumble.
Click here for video of the rumble. Opens in new window.

Winners with Trophies Mecha Mayham 2008





Dustin Watkins on left of photo with Second and Third place trophies for Ant Weights.
Shawn Kelly on right of photo with First place trophy for Beetle Weights







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